Fadi Atallah

Fadi Atallah

Updated: February 2024

A proactive R&D engineer with experience in nano-composites for aerospace applications, seamlessly integrating probabilistic techniques and concepts in both aerospace and robotics/data fields.

The projects shown on this home page fall into one of three categories: CAE, Linux, and Motion Graphics.


Recent manufacturing advancements in Additive Manufacturing (AM) have led to new topology design optimised strategies. Specifically, in powder bed fusion processes for optimised lattice cellular structures manufacturing, maintaining energy absorption capabilities and excellent strength-to-weight ratios. However, challenges arise in obtaining an accurate as-designed model for low relative density cell manufacturing, causing morphological mismatches between as-designed (defect-free) and as-manufactured parts, affecting mechanical properties and the model's structural integrity. This study has proposed a method of texture reconstruction on smooth CAD surfaces, predicting observational literary theories and micro-computed tomography scans. This systematic methodology has then automated an FEA simulation and stain concentration thresholding analyses to further aid in statistical interpretations of geometric imperfection, achieving closer proximity to experimental results. This paper focused on capturing strain concentrations in the vicinity of strut ends in Pulsed and Continous based fabricated models with a focus on SLMed AlSi10Mg and Ti-6Al-4V lightweight metal alloys. Conclusions have reduced compressive stiffness mismatch error of mechanical BCC topology from 5.3% to 2.1%

Mentor Consultant

  • Facilitated impactful discussions on academic modules between eight student mentors and the University.
  • Lectured 23 first-year Mechanical Eng. students in writing CVs and scientific laboratory reports.

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